Happy Muslim New Year

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Muslims in the world are celebrating the New Year in the Islamic calendar tomorrow Friday, known in the local parlance as Tamharit (Muharam).

The event is often characterised by prayers during the night and the morning, supplicating God’s mercy and forgiveness.

Those who can do the religious injunction, they are encouraged to fast for two days in observance of the day, though not a ‘compulsory obligation,’ as well as assist the needy with zakat.

While we condemn those who use the cover of religion to do their nefarious acts, we equally condemn those who brand Muslims as terrorists.

Muslims should never be branded as terrorists, as real Muslims stand to promote peace and unity, which is a sacred duty for the faith. As Muslims we should always preserve our integrity, promote peace and unity each day.

All Muslims should work to achieve good neighbourliness. Many so-called Muslims tarnish the name of Islam by acting violently, terrorising innocent people in the Western world and the continent of Africa.

As Muslims, we should take this opportunity to pray for peace and prosperity for The Gambia and the entire Muslim Ummah.

Muslims should continue to promote good neighbourliness, forget, forgive, help the needy and avoid violence. 

“One good turn deserves another.”

The Point