Happy Koriteh in advance

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Fasting is the fifth most important pillar in Islam. And so Ramadan comes from the fact that it’s the month in which the Holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed. During this month Muslims are required to fast the whole month from dawn to sunset as one of Islam’s five pillars.

Fasting helps make a person more aware of the suffering of the less fortunate, who may go a whole day without eating. And so during Ramadan, everyone should try to find an opportunity to do something good for others and share food with the needy. It’s also the right time to reflect and reconnect with family and relatives. Even doing one’s work- in the right spirit- is considered a good deed and its reward is multiplied in the month of Ramadan like any other good deed.

As Muslims across the world set to mark Eidul-fitr commonly known as ‘Koriteh’ in The Gambia, we would therefore like to wish each and everyone a happy feast in advance and pray that the world continue to celebrate such occasions in peace and tranquility.

The Koriteh, though celebrated mainly by Muslims, has for generations played significant role in cementing our social interactions and advances our norms and values and encourages peaceful co-existence within our communities.

As a country of diverse religion, The Gambia is well known for its peaceful co-existence in terms of religion and cultural settings. Koriteh in The Gambia is celebrated not only to mark the end of Ramadan, but also to show love and care for humanity.

This therefore explains that Islam is a region of peace, harmony, love, tolerance, care and respect. The idea of fundamentalism is new in the world and is carried by people from diverse faiths. Islam must be read and understood to avert misconstruction. Islam teaches peace, love and tolerance and we all must always safeguard that as Muslims.

As we celebrate this important feast, we urge our Muslim brothers and sisters to nurture the Islamic teaching of being generous and share what they have as Muslims. Doing all these is in fulfillment of what the scripture teaches us; to show generosity to all human beings and care for them.

“May Allah answer and accept our prayers and fasting.”

The Point