Handball clubs call for association to be dissolved

Thursday, September 07, 2017

The Gambia Handball Clubs Committee (GHCC) has called for the Gambia Handball Association executive to be dissolved due to their lack of competence and proper handling of affairs of the association.

Reading a petition of “vote of no confidence to the Gambia Handball Association” on behalf of the GHCC at the Independence Stadium Friendship Hostel on Tuesday 5 September 2017, Hafisu Jallow, Secretary General of Lion Hearts Handball Club, called on the National Sports Council to facilitate and arrange for the association to hold its annual general meeting.

According to the petition, administratively the association has not been executing their duties and functioning properly, as required by any national association.

The current handball association lacks a proper structure and mechanism for running the national league, which has been seriously affecting the clubs physically, morally and financially, the petition added.

It also said that clubs have not been paid or given their dues after completing the national league or winning tournaments.

Members of the association, the petition went on, have not been engaged in any developmental plans to help improve handball development in The Gambia.

“Benefits such as development programs and others allocated to handball and its stakeholders have been diverted to unknown sources,” claimed the petition.

The clubs said the handball association has not called for an AGM over the years to submit activity reports and financial statements as part of their mandate.

The clubs said these issues among others are affecting the development of the national handball league and are therefore soliciting the intervention of the National Sports Council in matter to establish an interim committee that will steer the affairs of the association for the next 2 years.

Malick Jarra, manager of Warriors Handball Club, accused current Gambia Handball Association Secretary General Haruna Cham as singlehandedly running the association as well as using the association’s name to “enrich himself”.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb