Halifa Sallah: Gov’t should ensure efficient service delivery

Friday, April 12, 2019

National Assembly Member of Serrekunda Central, Halifa Sallah have reminded government to ensure that there is efficient and effective service delivery in everything they are providing to the citizens.

Mr. Sallah said if a government contracted Companies are incapable of providing effective and good service to the government, it would be unfit for such purposes.

Addressing the lawmakers on the provision of services by the state, local government authorities, adherence to good governance and the rule of law and economy.  During last week adjournment debate at the National Assembly, Mr. Sallah said citizens should continue to demand for what they have right on, saying that is why taxation without representation is unacceptable.

Commenting on the national identification card, Mr. Sallah said Gambia had problems with the company that was earlier contracted to make the identification card, asking why should the government contract a company that pose a  threat to her people, when it does not have the competence to prove the validity of its service.

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara