GYCC Trade Fair kicks-off at Independence Stadium

Friday, November 02, 2018

Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce (GYCC), the voice of young entrepreneurs in The Gambia that mobilizes young business entrepreneurs from their marginalized positions and gives them a voice to grow has commenced a 10-day national trade fair dubbed youth agribusiness and tourism expo at the Independent Stadium in Bakau.

The IT and marketing officer of GYCC, Omar Cham said the trade fair attracted over 100 youth across the country. The fair, he said, came after successful hosting series of regional trade exhibitions that recommends the need for young people to have a platform and market space to market their products and services.

“Our young people usually don’t have the opportunity to participate in international trade fairs organized in the country because of the high cost of stalls. So this trade fair will serve as a platform for those who didn’t get the opportunity to attend international trade fairs,” he emphasized.

Mr. Cham revealed that they are suggesting extending the trade fair to compensate for the days that were lost along the course, citing numerous activities that posed some difficulties. “We expect to get linkages for the young entrepreneurs to enable them to expand their businesses and be more empowered after the trade fair,” he said.

Jocelyn Johnson, CEO of V.V Smoothies said her products are a blend of organic vegetables, which she said, contains no sugar, colour or preservative to promote the eating of healthy food. “If you don’t have time for your health when you are healthy then you will have time for it when you are sick, which is not encouraging. So we need to look into our diets before it gets late,” she said.

Lamin Y Ceesay, co-founder of Poullin Poultry Farm, said they have decided to shift their attention to farming because they have realized that the business has profit and self-sufficient. 

Author: Fatou B. Cham