Gunjur youth movement to conduct tree planting exercise

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

A youth-led group that call themselves Gunjur Youth Movement in the Kombo South coastal community of Gunjur has announced that they will be embarking on a massive tree planting exercise along the streets of the community on August 24.

To be organised on the theme: Operation one man one tree initiative, organisers say the exercise will bring together environmentalists, youth organisations from different communities where over 300 trees are expected to be planted along the streets of Gunjur community.

Coordinator Sulayman Bojang said the planned tree planting exercise is meant to preserve the community’s forest cover which is threatened by human activities of cutting.

He said over 300 trees are planned to be planted along streets and public places which they expect will serve as a provider of not only shade but also for medical herbs to the people.

“Our main objective is to plant over 300 trees along the streets of Gunjur. This may even increase in terms of number because our wish is to plant around 1000 trees. This is a continuous project that the movement embarks on. We are currently on our coco-nut tree planting project,” Mr. Bojang said.

He said they are grateful for the amount of support they are receiving from different companies and individuals towards the successful implementation of the tree planting exercise. “We are also inviting the government officials especially the forestry department and even the British Embassy in The Gambia to grace the occasion considering her support towards our environmental initiatives.” 

Author: Yusupha Jobe