Gunjur protests against Super Nawettan OC for shifting their clash with Brikama

Monday, October 22, 2018

Gunjur has bitterly protested against Super Nawettan Organising Committee’s decision to shift their group C final fixture against Brikama to Brikama Box Bar.

The match was initially scheduled to take place at the Serrekunda East Mini Stadium before being shifted to the Brikama Box Bar Mini Stadium by the country’s community biggest football jamboree organising committee.

Public Relations Officer of Gunjur Sports Committee Abdoulie Barrow alias Abou Sallah said the organising committee did not respect Gunjur, saying all what they need is the financial gains and the security of the players but the fans are not considered.

He stated that the initial fixture in Brikama was Gunjur against Lamin, noting that before they changed the fixture they should consult Gunjur.

Mr. Barrow said they are not accepting the fixture and they want to send a clear message to the Super Nawettan Organising Committee that they should leave the fixture, as it was initially prepared.

He said the Super Nawettan Organising Committee is more interested in money than Gunjur players and fans welfare, adding that Gunjur is more interested in the security of their players and fans rather than the gate taking.

Barrow urged the Super Nawettan Organising Committee to listen their concerns otherwise they shouldn’t be held responsible for anything that happens at the end of that game.

He stated that they did not fear Brikama in the field of play and believed that they can even beat them at the Box Bar Mini Stadium, noting that all zones should be treated equally.

According to the fixtures, Brikama has two home games while other team in that group has one home game.

Barrow revealed that they are worried because any time they play in Brikama small boys at the age of 10 and 11 will follow the team in large numbers adding that Brikama is close and they can afford the fare. 

Author: Lamin Darboe
Source: Picture: Public Relations Officer Abdoulie Barrow alias Abdou Sallah