Gunjur holds Dr. Zakir, Sabaki junior tourney draw

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The draw for Dr. Zakir and Sabaki junior football tournament meant to promote and develop grass root football in Gunjur was held recently.

The cadet championship will bring together twelve teams namely, West Field FC, Njundu Kunda, Global FC, Kulukochi FC, Foday Kunda FC, Gunjur Project FC, Young Gamcel FC, Tech World FC, Redson FC, Santos United FC, Kolong Ba FC and Njies FC. The teams are divided into four groups of three teams each:

Group A:

Gunjur Project FC, Njundu Kunda FC and West Field FC.

Group B:

 Tech World FC, Kolong Ba FC and Njies FC.

Group C:

 Redson FC, Santos United FC and Young Gamcel FC

Group D:

Global FC, Kulukochi FC and Foday Kunda FC.

Author: Lamin Darboe