GTBoard to prosecute people selling TDA properties

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Gambia Tourism Board has threatened to prosecute people that are clearing the Brufut Heights area and other parts of the Tourism Development Areas (TDA) for sale.

In a media dispatch sent to The Point, the GTBoard stated that the TDA is a reserve zone for tourism development purposes. The West Coast TDA comprises of the coastal stretch from Kotu Bridge to Kartong measuring 800 meters inland, from the High Water Mark.

The released added that it was leased to Central Government in 1969 by the Kombo North District Authority for a period of 51 years and was subsequently extended to 99 years by the State Lands Act of 1991. Currently, the lease (SR NO K226/2015) is under the custody of the GTBoard as per the GTBoard Act 2011.

The release further stated that it has come to the attention of the GTBoard that people are illegally selling landed properties in the TDA, notably Brufut Heights, Tanji, Batokunku, Tujereng, Sanyang, Medina Salam, and Kartong. The general public is hereby advised that this contravenes the abovementioned act thus making the acquisition of land in the TDA through such means illegal.

Author: Momodou Jawo