GSSS are national robotics champions

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Gambia Senior Secondary School robotic team has been crowned champions of the National Robotics Competition last Saturday.

Gambia Methodist Academy, SOS Senior Secondary School, SBEC International, Marina International and The Gambia Senior Secondary School participated in the keenly competed  final round of the competition.

Addressing the gathering, Khadija M. Tambadou-Jabbie, the programme coordinator said since the start of the competition a month ago, different students participated in it. “The competition was not only meant for students to compete but to also learn from one another,” she said.

She said the winning team will represent the country at the International Robotic Competition in Rwanda next month. “Next year will include all the senior secondary schools in The Gambia. We choose to involve only ten schools this year because there was no enough time and fund to cover other parts of the country.”

Mrs. Tambadou-Jabbie said the main objective of the competition is to promote science and technology and to ensure that the students involved themselves in studying science in senior school.

Moqtar M. Darboe, director of science, technology and innovation at the Ministry of Higher Education Research Science and Technology said all the schools that participated in the competition were winners.

He said all the participating students have done well but they cannot all participate in the international competition that was why one must be announced champions who will represent the country in Rwanda next month. “Our interest in this competition is to promote science and technology. We want students to embrace science and also to see senior schools teaching Robotic,” he said.

All the students who participated in the final were awarded with certificates while the winners were awarded with a trophy.

Ebrima Ceesay, a student from the Gambia High School said he learnt a lot from the competition, saying at first, he thought they will never make it up to the final. He said initially the journey was rough but with the help of their mentor, they were able to make it. “I have being seeing robotic materials before but I never knew how they were made and today I have at least seen where one is made,” he said.

Author: Sheriff Janko