GRTS Kids Podium reaches final stage

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Kids Podium, a Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) public speaking competition for children under the age of 14 has reached its final stage which allows children who make it to the final to showcase their talented  experience on societal issues.

The initiative provide the kids the opportunity to display their skills on a podium, discussing pertinent issues affecting the country and coming up with recommendations for the government

 Led and directed by GRTS’ Aminata E Sanyang, the competition has shown a brighter future for young people in The Gambia.  It hits the final stage after going through 5 rounds. The final will take place on 16th December 2018 at Djembe hotel, with 10 contestants to speak on topics that are of national interest.

Chief Judge, Fatoumatta Ceesay said the children are exceptional and remarkably committed to what they do. “When the programme started, we taught public speaking would be difficult for them as most of them are not used to stand in front of a crowd to deliver a speech but they proved us wrong upon their deliberation during the competition.” 

She said the young children discuss pertaining issues in society ranging from health, agriculture, discipline and youth participation in politics. “The competition has exposed the level of children maturity in our society which was proven during their performance in the semi-finals.”

Ms. Ceesay said the final will be an exploring experience as dignitaries will be invited to witness the children’s’ performance on the podium discussing issues that are affecting the society, saying their performance will contribute to the country’s development.

Alpha MK Lowe said by impression, future of the children is positive looking at leadership in Africa. He said the key element for one to be a leader is to be good communicator.

He said parents, teachers and stakeholders should support children in this level to prepare them for future responsibilities, saying most of the challenges faced at government and international level is because the required foundation are not laid. “It is important to support these children in laying a strong foundation in their education and general knowledge for The Gambia to move forward.”

Mustapha Kah, founder of Debate Gambia and CEO of Gambia Open Debate said the contestants’ future is bright, through their performances. “I believe these children have opportunity as public speaking is built in them and by the time they grow older, they will do great things.” 

Author: Rose Zahra Gomez