Grand marabout Wilan extols Barrow’s commitment to religious tolerance

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Renowned Senegalese marabout has praised The Gambian leader, Adama Barrow for his foresight and commitment to religious tolerance in the country.

Sheikh Abdoulie Wilan was speaking during a recent press briefing on the sidelines of the annual Islamic conference and Gamou held at Taiba Nyissen in Foni Bondali.

“When I first came to Bondali to settle in the village, I spoke to the chief that all my reasons to settle here is to learn and teach others the holy Quran. I am still on that mission. Is not that Gambians did not learn the Quran, but I just want to contribute my quota to complement their efforts,” he said.

He commended the President’s wife, Fattoumata Bah-Barrow for reaching out to the village before the annual Gamou.

“We appreciate her efforts. I trust the new government because they want to work for the betterment of Islam and the country. I want to call on government to help us build the road network between Bondali and Taiba, and to help us complete our Arabic school with furniture”.

Bakary Sanyang, the governor of West Coast Region (WCR) commended the renowned Islamic preacher for his move to stay in his region, saying his coming to the area would help boost numerous opportunities for both elders and youths.

On the relations between Senegal and The Gambia, Governor Sanyang affirmed that the two countries are one and the same people. “We are divided by our colonial masters, but we share the same languages, culture and religion. We cannot pay you for teaching the youth and elders about Islamic teachings in the region.”

Babucarr Cham, a disciple of Sheikh Wilan recalled that Taiba village was founded by Sheikh in 1999. He indicated that the renowned Senegalese preacher migrated to The Gambia from Senegal mainly to help in the propagation of Islam.

“He built the village Madrassa in 2005 to help disseminate the words of the Holy Quran. He also established more than 200 ‘Darass and 530 Madrassa Schools in Senegal, The Gambia and Guinea Bissau.”

The motive behind this move, Cham explained, is the love and devotion Sheikh Wilan has for the Prophet Muhammed SAW and the Islamic ummah.

Author: Pa Modou Cham