GRA remain committed to guiding Gambia to achieve development goals

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Newly appointed chairperson of Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) board of directors has said that the Authority remains committed in guiding The Gambia to achieve its social-economic and development goals by playing its designated role as the government revenue collection agency.

Delivering a statement at the 3rd GRA Taxpayers Award ceremony at the Paradise Suite hotel on Friday, Mamganga Fye-Jagne said as part of global and corporate best practice, GRA introduced the annual event to recognise and reward efforts of their loyal   and compliant taxpayers. “This is important as a way of recognising the contributions of the business community towards the realization of national revenue mobilisation objectives.”

She said the day marks a great day where taxpayers are celebrated and recognised for their contribution to national economy. “This day is ideally placed at the beginning of government financial year to recognise our distinguished taxpayers who are working hard to liberate our country from external resource dependency, by ensuring that we finance our own budget and spur our own economic growth and development.”

Mrs. Fye-Jagne said while marking the taxpayers’ day, they highlight the fundamental role of revenue as an enabler of government development agendas, including the National development Plan.

According to her, their focus is tax-based expansion strategy geared towards new and high potential revenue frontiers to generate revenue to narrow the budget deficit. “GRA intend to contribute towards successful implementation of the NDP through various tax-friendly measures.”

She said over the years GRA has demonstrated its capacity to serve as a key pillar in supporting Gambia’s development agenda, through effective revenue mobilisation at almost 13% of GDP in 2018. “This aimed at modernising revenue administration processes. We took time throughout last year to educate, engage and consult our taxpayers to demystify the tax system and increase the level of compliance.”

She said her board will spare no effort in providing the right leadership and policy direction to effectively and efficiently mobilise more revenues, while ensuring fairness and quality service delivery to taxpayers.

Author: Fatou Dem and Abdoulie Nyockeh