GRA board meets Bansang Tax office staff, security task forces

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Board of directors and senior management officials of The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) recently met with Bansang Tax office staff and security task forces in the Central River Region.

Senior customs officer and acting tax manager at Bansang custom post Anna Jarju said the familiarization tour of her superiors was timely and long overdue as their office is confronted with numerous problems.

According to her, among the challenges her office is confronted with includes mobility, fueling, medication and internet connectivity, saying they are expected to submit their report on monthly basis which remain a big challenges to them.

Mrs. Jarju said poor electricity and lack of generators is another problem they face hence they would need electricity supply to conduct most of their work. “Water supply also is very poor. Sometimes we will travel for about 4km to fetch water to drink.”

She said the fuel coupon allocated to them is meager and needed more to be allocated.

She commended her staff for their effort in revenue mobilization but said they still need seven more motorbikes to better patrol for revenue mobilization.

She commended the officials for their hard work and commitment to national development without which, she said it would be difficult to collect the much needed revenue for national development.

Deputy Commissioner General and head of domestic tax Essa Jallow thanked the Bansang regional tax office staff, saying the purpose of the tour was to enable the board and senior management to understand the situation of the regional tax offices on the ground.

He said for one to be productive as revenue Authority, they have to be present everywhere in the country to better collect revenue. He said GRA management is working hard to take care of the operational issues that the office mentioned.