GRA assures commitment to maximizing revenues for gov’t

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Commissioner General of The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) has assured that GRA will continue its firm commitment to maximizing revenue to boost national development.

Yankuba Darboe was speaking recently at the opening of the 3rd edition of the Taxpayers Awards held at a hotel in Kololi.

“If we are to develop the country that we all aspire to live in, it become incumbent on us as taxpayers to fulfill our tax obligations towards the socio-economic development of our country,”.

Commissioner Darboe indicated that the requirement for citizens to comply with tax obligations is premised on the philosophical social contract between the citizens and the state.

In essence, he said, the payment of taxes by citizens and other taxpayers is exchange on the part of the taxpayer for the provision and enjoyment of basic facilities that makes life comfortable and bearable for the taxpayer.

 “Therefore, compliance with tax laws is a repetition of the undertaking of the citizen under the social contract to pay his/her own fair share of taxes”.

He noted that GRA compliance with tax laws is not just restricted to making of payment to the taxman, but also include filing or submitting a tax return within the stipulated period correctly stating income and deductions and where applicable, paying the assessed taxes by the due date.

“Therefore, it goes without saying that the development of The Gambia, a country with no natural resources, will depend largely on the revenues generated from taxes. Thus, I would implore on you all to continue to be good taxpayers as tax payment is indeed noble and divine. I want to sincerely thank the organizing committee for the excellent preparation of this event. With respect to the outgoing chairman and other board members, you have done great job for your country and we promised that the GRA Management would keep up the momentum”.

Commissioner Darboe continued “We have set aside this day to recognize and thank our valuable customers, you the taxpayers for your continued compliance with The Gambia revenue laws”.

Recognizing the pivotal role of taxpayers in financing of government development agendas, Commissioner Darboe maintained that as citizens ‘we have endeavored to make this day an annual event in order to emphasize the importance of complying with the country’s  revenue laws and to publicly congratulate the most compliant taxpayers.

“I believe you will all agree with me that it is difficult for most of us to part with money, but even more so when it is about meeting our tax obligations”.

The taxpayers’ awardees, he went on, are the ones among many who have demonstrated utmost commitment and dedication to the service of nation building, as shown through their timely filing of accurate returns or declarations, and making timely payments as per the requirements of the revenue laws.

The Gambia Revenue Authority, he observed, like many of its counterparts around the world is faced with the perennial problem of compliance with revenue laws. This challenges, he said is as old as taxes itself.

“We hope that this achievement will further encourage these institutions and businesses to maintain the standards already reached and help inspire others to emulate”, he added.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh