GPU honours veteran journalists

Monday, May 07, 2018

The Gambia Press Union on Friday honoured Pap Saine co-publisher of The Point, Sam Sarr, managing editor Foroyaa , the Late Baboucarr Gaye of Citizen FM, Yorro Jallow, former publisher of the defunct Independent Newspaper, now residing in USA for their recognisable contribution in the media.

Mr. Saine, while receiving the award thanked GPU for their foresight in honouring journalists for their sacrifice to defend press freedom during the oppressive regime of Ex-President Jammeh.

Mr. Saine used the occasion to thank Barrow’s government and urged him to be more media friendly.

“I should also thank Demba Ali Jawo, the minister of Information, Amie Bojang Sissoho, director of Press and Public Relations, Office of President for their visions to promote access to information.”

He advised young journalists to be committed to their jobs and always be objective.

“Government should always give opportunities to journalists to access to information,” he said. “Journalists should be careful about their reporting.”

Mr. Saine has won many international awards. In 1988 in Morocco, Quiz in African football, 2006 in Germany. In 2010, he was named by the international press institute of Australia as World Press Freedom hero. He was 10th in Africa and 64th in the world. In 2014, Mr. Saine received an Award from IPI in South Africa and in the same year, he received an award from the Post Newspaper, the largest newspaper in Zambia.

Mr. Saine is in the profession for 48 years.

He is currently the dean of Reuters in West Africa and Central Africa he served them 42 years.

Mr. Saine is also the correspondent of RSF for the past 15 years. He was member of CAF Media Officers for 8 years and was press officer of CAF in 2000.

He also contributed in local newspapers such as;

The Gambian, Topic Magazine, Gambia Daily, Senegambia Sun and France Football.

Sam Sarr acknowledged that giving awards to journalists for their product is quite desirable because it encourages them to strive to improve the quality of their stories which has the effect of improving quality of content in general. “I give my full support to this endeavour of the Gambia Press Union,” he said

“As for us, the elderly who have been in the business for long, the award is a recognition by the GPU of our contribution to media development and this should be appreciated.”

“My humble message to the young and enthusiastic reporters is that they should remain steadfast to the truth. They should be motivated to seek for the truth and let it be known for the public good; and this they must do with a clean heart and not out of ill-will. A good journalist should not be out to do harm or demean anybody but should focus on informing and enlightening the public.”

“With such an attitude we can make great strides in media development in The Gambia.”

Marie Jagne Gaye, widow of late Baboucarr Gaye, thanked GPU for remembering and honouring her late husband who fought through his life for press freedom.