GPFCCU changing living standard of Police

Friday, August 02, 2019

Head of customer care unit of The Gambia Police Force Cooperative Credit Union (GPFCCU) has said that the credit union has changed the living standard of police officers for better to reduce poverty among them.

Arokey Jassey said members of the credit union normally do enquires and adjustment on their savings through the customer care in opening an account. She said, she joined the credit union in 2006 and the union has changed her life and that of her family, saying that through the credit union, she was able to build her own house without relying on external support.

Mrs. Jassey said before joining the credit union, life was too hard for her and her family, saying sometimes even putting food on the table and paying school fees for her children used to be challenging.

She pointed out that the salary she was receiving as a police officer was not enough to sustain her and her family members, noting that it was so difficult for her as a mother.

Ebrima Njie, a staff member of the credit union also said he joined the credit union in 2010, purposely to cater for his financial needs, saying as a civil servant, it is very difficult for one to sustain himself and family if he is not a member of any credit union.

Mr. Njie said before joining the credit union, life was difficult for him, receiving a grade 3 salary which was not sufficient to cater for his entire needs and that of his family. He said he was the only civil servant in his family which motivates him to join the credit union where he can take loan any time he have financial needs.

Kebba Trawally, a member of the credit union explained how the credit union changed his life and how he was able to pay his children's school fees without asking for help from anyone.

Author: Sanna Jallow