GPF celebrates Police Day Medal Award

Friday, June 14, 2019

The Gambia Police Force (GPF) on Thursday celebrated the police day medal award at a ceremony held at the Police headquarters in Banjul.

The day, which was last celebrated in The Gambia in 2006, is designed to recognise the efforts of the police officers in the service.

In a statement read on behalf of the Inspector General of Police, Mamour Jobe, acting deputy Inspector General of Police, said the day is an opportunity for the police high command to recognise officers, who have served with distinction by decorating them with medals of merit or long service with good conduct.

He reminded all that policing and law enforcement is a very expensive enterprise and “therefore we cannot rely solely on government to provide all our needs to fulfill this very important mandate.”

Deputy IGP outlined initiatives and future plans that they intent to take, which includes the reduction of crime to the barest minimum.

“We cannot operate effectively as a police force without the collaboration and support from the local communities we serve,” he said.

He further assured of his institution’s goal to drastically reduce road traffic accidents and enhance road safety through highway patrol and road safety management strategies.

 “This we intent to do with the relevant stakeholders,” he added.

Ebrima Mballow, the Minister of Interior, acknowledged that police faces lot of challenges in communities just to make sure laws are in place and the security of the country is stable.

 “I urge every Gambian and non-Gambians resident in the country to safeguard the peace and stability we enjoy here,” he added.

Minister Mballow equally urged all citizens to be law-abiding and not to take matters into their hands when aggrieved; rather, to seek redress through lawful means.

He also reminded the police officers to be apolitical, desist from tribalism, nepotism and other civil matters and always execute their duties diligently.

Author: Fatou Dem