Gov’t will continue to reinforce strict expenditure

Thursday, December 20, 2018

The minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Mambury Njie has said that The Gambia government will continue to reinforce the implementation of strict expenditure measures aimed at controlling the level of increase in the accumulation of arrears by MDAs.

Mininster Njie revealed this recently while presenting the National Budget 2019 before lawmakers in Banjul. He said in light of this, all accounting officers or permanent secretaries are hereby advised to strictly restrict their expenditure commitments to their budget appropriations for the year.

“Beginning January 2019, any accounting officer who commits over and above their budget limits will be liable for the accumulated arrears and will therefore be surcharged. Before formally contacting a supplier to engage in an agreement, a Local Purchase Order (LPO) must be raised and generated from the IFMIS system to avoid the accumulation of arrears. Failure to comply will lead to the enforcement of penalties and sanctions against the concerned public officers.”

On the medium term public sector reform, Finance Minister Njie informed lawmakers that in the medium to long term, the government is committed to implementing strategic reform policies aimed at consolidating the gains of macro-fiscal stability.

According to the minister, government acknowledges that the adoption of a strategic and formal approach to risk management will improve decision-making, enhance performance outcomes and create accountability.