Govt. urged to give more attention to traditional sport

Thursday, January 25, 2018

A local promoter of Gambian traditional sport, wrestling has urged the government to give more attention to wrestling.

Alhagie Morr Jobe, founder of Ala Promotion said for the past years, most of the attention has been focused on football which is the most followed sport in the country but recently, the attention is switching to wrestling. Hundreds, if not thousands have been storming wrestling grounds to watch and cheer their wrestlers.

Mr. Jobe told The Point Sports last Sunday that government must take the lead for the private sector to follow. He observed that the private sector is not supporting wrestling as they should.

Jobe, who staged the last combat between Leket Bu Barra and Manduar at the Independence Stadium last Sunday, said the Ministry of Youth and Sports must equally give attention to all sporting disciplines.

His comments were corroborated by wrestling followers, who also demanded for more investment into wrestling. “I want to see the government and the private sector investing in wrestling. The ministry has not been fair to other sports because they only focus on football,” Ebrima Cham told Sports Journalist Alieu Ceesay on Sunday. 

Author: Alieu Ceesay