Gov’t to pay ECOWAS Court over Deyda, Chief Manneh

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The minister of Finance Economic Affairs has told deputies of the National Assembly that the new adjustments advanced in the Budget Estimate includes the approval of payment awards to the ECOWAS Court for Deyda Hydara and Chief Ebrima Manneh, the two Gambian journalists slain during Yahya Jammeh’s regime.

The minister, however, made no mention of any specific amount, but said other adjustments “we have are some awards that we supposed to pay to the ECOWAS Court for Deydra Hydara and Ebrima Chief Manneh and we have to put something because sometime you have court cases against the government.”

Minister Sanneh told members that there are other revenue measures which were not fully captured in the budget. “For allowances, the detail of it is the new vehicle policy that government has approved in Cabinet to give vehicles to only ministers and permanent secretary and one for each.”

“Now this policy will mean that we will upload a lot of excess vehicles that we have been running around and costing a lot for the tax payers.”

The minister also said that the Cabinet has approved the adjustment of transport allowances for central government employees to D1000, ranging from the deputy permanent secretary downwards, which he said will cost D320 million. He made it clear that only permanent secretaries and ministers will now be having government vehicles, with one each.

The other adjustment, he said, is the general service expend under the Office of the President.

“We have also increase subsidies over D75 million by another 25 million to 100 million, this is for the fertilizer, seed-nut for the farmers,” he said.

“We have specialise on technical materials; we put 50 million for the hospitals for equipment by necessary basic life saving, and we have already taken measures to provide them with funds for this year to get some of the much needed healthy equipment to save lives.”

Author: Njie Baldeh
Source: Picture: Amadou Sanneh Finance Economic AffairsMinister