Gov’t tasked to take a lead in Tobacco eradication campaign

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Manager of Ding-Ding Yiriwa; a ChildFund-The Gambia affiliated Federation has challenged the government of The Gambia to take the lead in the fight and eradication of tobacco use and advisement in the country. 

Alieu Mendy said tobacco is extremely harmful to human health, particularly the lungs which it attacks and when damaged can lead to death.

Addressing young people during commemorations marking World Tobacco Day staged by his federation and the International Organization of Good Templar-Gambia (IOGT) at Wellingara Police Station, Mr. Mendy said the effects of tobacco usage as shown on research is very worrying, as it continues to affect the whole population, including young people. The commemoration was bankrolled by Child Fund-The Gambia.

“The effects of tobacco and its related substance are very dangerous to human health and its use is been done in a non-discriminative manner as people smoke in various homes openly where children and women are present,” he stated.

Tobacco, he went on, is a dangerous product and that is why government should have not allowed its advertisement in the country.

Alieu B. Janneh, IOGT national coordinator said the theme of this year’s commemoration is  “Tobacco and the heart.” He said the theme is making comparison between the effects of tobacco on the heart, which he said, causes most of the heart diseases related to non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Mr. Janneh said Gambia has signed the convention on tobacco control in 2005 and ratified it in 2007. “We have also established the national tobacco control committee, formed a multi sectoral working group on tobacco control and tax policy reform on tobacco and tobacco products among others,” he said.

Author: Fatou Cham