Gov’t suspends fish meal operation in Sanyang, closes Kartong’s operations

Thursday, July 12, 2018

After a much talked-about environmental degradation fish meal operations situated in the Kombo South settlements of Sanyang and Kartong, the government of The Gambia has decided to suspend and closed fish meal operations in these two communities.

At a press briefing held at State House on Wednesday, the Director of Press at President’s Office Aminata Bojang Sissoho, disclosed that the fish meal operation in Sanyang has been suspended, while similar operation in Kartong has been closed down because of their shortcomings in meeting the standard requirements.

“On environment, operations of the fish meal in Sanyang have been suspended until the requirements have been fulfilled,” she said.

The press director also told the press that operation of similar activities have been closed in Kartong because of inappropriate sanitation.

“Also the one in Kartong has been closed because the water treatment plan is not in the right field and the case has been taken to court.”

She went on to inform the journalists of what the Village Development Committee (VDC) had wanted.

“Meanwhile, the president was informed that the VDC wants the plan to be re-opened but the technical advice the president got was that it cannot be opened unless it has the required standards,” Sissoho said.

In another development, the press director said The Gambian leader has given an assignment to find out the hot spot areas of land crises.

“In last dispute, the president gave an assignment to find out the hot spots that are crises areas in the country and it has been reported that 40 sites have been identified and these sites are under dispute, therefore the president has set up an interim crises management committee to look into the issue and take temporary measures before the land commission has been set up” she said.

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko