Gov’t encouraged supporting establishment of a Gambian-based airline

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The director general of The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has encouraged government of The Gambia to effusively support the establishment of a Gambian-based airline.

This, he said, will not only help tremendously in transporting goods processed here but will also further open up the country’s economy.

Abdoulie E. Jammeh was speaking recently during the inauguration of a multi-million dalasi cargo complex at the Banjul International Airport (BIA).

“It is an open secret that a vibrant home-based carrier positively contributes to the socio-economic advancement of a country. A few cases in point are Dubai (UAE) and Singapore, small and relatively poor countries years ago where successful home-based carriers - Emirates and Singapore Airlines respectively have succeeded in opening up their countries to trade, tourism etc. leading to rapid social and economic development within a short span of time”

The example of these two big global players, he added, is a solid illustration of the cliché “a country may be physically small but can be a big state”.

He continued, “If The Gambia is to exploit the opportunities presented by this state-of-the-art cargo complex; we must also continue to collaborate in order to produce integrated solutions.”

DG Jammeh thus urged government and other relevant stakeholders to continue working with GIA so that the country can reap the enormous benefits of this complex which will consequently have positive effects in the country’s air transport and trade industries as well as the economy as a whole.

“Furthermore, considering the evolving nature of threats to global aviation and stringent requirements regarding cargo security, this complex will not only avail GIA opportunities for enhanced processing leading efficiency of cargo handling operations, it will also ensure that we maintain a high level of security and safety in line with our international obligations. This is crucial in our bid to stay connected to the world in the area of air transport,” he added.

Author: Sheriff Janko