Gov’t compensates Seedou Barrow to end Taneneh land dispute

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The government of the Gambia has resolved the land dispute between Seedy Barrow, a businessman and the community of Taneneh in Gunjur by compensating him, the presidency has revealed on Wednesday.

The community is said to be using a cemetery on a land which belong to Seedy Barrow and the tension has escalated between the two parties in the past week which raised a concern among Gambians.

In a press briefing at State House, the director of press at the State House, Amie Bojang Sissoho said the president was informed on the issue and to solve the problem amicably, a team was sent to aforementioned place to settle the matter.

The Press Director Sissoho said as the land dispute between the Tananeh community and Seedou Barrow escalated, “the vice president intervened and set up a committee that will look into the issue and that committee comprised of the minister of the Interior, Lands, Fisheries, the Supreme Islamic Council and the Gambia Christian Council.”

The presidency said the important government and religious dignitaries paid a visit to the community to have first information and to have a dialogue with the people of the community to harmoniously settle the land problem.

“They visited the community and discussed with them, she said. “It was unanimously agreed that the land belong to Seedou Barrow, Sissoho added. “They have appealed to him (Seedou Barrow) that he allows them to use part of the land they have already started using as a graveyard that is 20m X 30m and then the government will compensate him accordingly in another side”

In a telephone conversation, Seedou Barrow has confirmed to this medium that the government has indeed intervened and has resolved the matter.

“Whatever the government told you is the truth, they have now solved the problem,” Barrow said.

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko