Governor Sanyang condemns attack

Thursday, April 19, 2018

West Coast Region Governor Bakary Sanyang said the recent attack meted on Drug Law Enforcement officers by some young people of the region while they were executing their duties is unacceptable, reminding chiefs and Alkalolu about their roles in communities.

During a day-long sensitisation forum of regional stakeholders at Brikama, Governor Sanyang said he had been receiving several attack reports in the region recently which he was not happy about, saying in some communities, youth would attack law enforcement officers for coming to effect arrest. “The officers are attacked and harassed in the villages. As Chiefs and Alkalolu, you must understand that you have a role of the police in your respective villages.”

He urged the local authorities to help the anti-drug agency to stamp out the menace of drugs and drugs related issues in the region and to report people involved in harassing law enforcement officers. “We all know drug use, transportation and sale is rampant in this region than any other region in the country. I think this is because of the size and population of the region,” he said.

Mr. Sanyang said government can only create laws and define penalties for defaulters, saying the laws that were so far enacted with regard to abuse of drugs among others are very severe, reminding the local authorities that as representatives of the people, they have to talk to their people on the dangers of drugs to help the drug law enforcement agency in achieving its fundamental objective of making the country drug free.

“Those involved in drug related activities are from our communities and come from families. We have to team up with law enforcement officers to give them information regardless of whether your own child is involved or not,” he said.

National Assembly member of Brikama South Lamin Sanneh said drugs and its related issues are affecting societies and even affecting the future of the country.

The region’s anti-drug agency Commissioner Mawlud Faal said combating illicit drug trafficking and drug use is a noble duty but also a very risky and dangerous one because most of the drug traffickers and users arm themselves with weapons and, “we the narcotic officers are not armed and always finds it difficult when traffickers resist lawful arrest.” 

Author: Momodou Jawo