Government tasked to provide economic opportunities to Youth

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

As more Gambian young people continue to participate in irregular migration through the high seas in unworthy sea boats in attempt to reach Europe and elsewhere in the world in search for greener pastures, members of Youth Against Irregular Migration (YAIM) has tasked Gambia government to provide economic opportunities to young people to allow them stay and invest in the country.

During a meeting at Saint Michael Basic Cycle School at Barra and Amdalai border post as part of their nationwide caravan to increase awareness on irregular migration, the young people said providing them with opportunities can help in addressing and reducing the number of people who participate in the perilous journey.

Formed by the second batch of Gambian migrant returnees from Libya who arrived in the country in  April, last year, YAIM members now want to build awareness among young people and families to understand that there are huge economic and life loss in irregular migration.

30 youth including returnees, journalists, youth organizations and students will be part of the caravan. Radio talk shows will be held at Kerewan and Farafenni community radio stations to reach a wider audience. The German government through their Banjul office supports the caravan.

Momodou Edrissa Njie, executive director of Global Youth Innovative Network Gambia chapter said irregular migration is a dangerous undertaken and called on government to apply more efforts to strengthen their mind-sets that can eventually discourage them from participating in irregularity of migration.

During meetings, returnees narrated tales of frustration and risk in the journey, saying difficulty starts once ‘you’ cross the Senegalese border. “From Mali to Burkina Faso and to Niger, these places are like hell hole,” a female victim who was once arrested said.

Author: Fatou Dem