Government must expedite frozen assets process

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Organizing committee chairman of Gambia’s former ruling Peoples’ Progress Party (PPP) has been reminding President Adama Barrow’s government to expedite the process of returning the frozen assets that were seized by the Jammeh government between 1994 and 1995.

Kebba Jallow said most of those assets were private properties owned by PPP and some private individuals. “We understand that most of the properties were being utilized by the APRC government and are until today being utilized by the president.”

Mr. Jallow said expediting the process or making a decision should have been the government’s priority, saying it is now over a year since Mr. Barrow took over power and not much has been said about the past issues and not even constitutional review. He said some of those assets are dilapidated and would require lot of resource to be refurbished.  “We expect government to shed light on the fate of the people whose assets were frozen or taken over by the state,” Mr. Jallow said.

 He said there is no information divulged to the public as expected. “The Diaspora is disenfranchised and uninspiring attendance of the voting in the last 2 elections maybe due to expired voters cards, some of whom left the country or needs replacement.” 

Author: Mr Kebba Jallow