Government intervention required for youth advancement

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Gambia Government urgent intervention and support is needed to accelerate youth empowerment and development, which will allow young people to achieve their aspirations in life and contribute to nation building.

Young people play significant role in both national and global development and their efforts in national development cannot be over emphasized.

The government should strive to create more avenues for the youth in the country that would allow them to work and earn their living and also be involved actively in nation building. But young people themselves must be ready to take up skills training and development and higher education.

Being the most active and energetic sector of the country, when young people are educated and acquire skills, our country will not rely on foreign experts to construct our roads and other skilled works. What is required on the government is to create the environment where young people can create incentives and effectively perform when needed.

Young people who form the active sector in the population are the driving force of the country’s development and need urgent intervention and attention from government to contribute their quota national development.

The government needs to create job opportunities for the youth in order for them to actively engage in national development that will prevent them from crimes, drug abuse and other social vices.

The government should try and involve youth in entrepreneurship in order to engage themselves in business for their own survival.

Source: Picture: Youth and Sports minister Hendry Gomez