Goodwill Message by Hon. Fatomata Jahumpa Ceesayat the Institute of Information Management (IIM) 13thInduction/Investiture Ceremony and Maiden IIM Africa Akwa Ibom Induction Ceremony – July 7th, 2018.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


May I warmly welcome all of you to this great event expressing my warm greetings and best wishes for good fortune and happiness from the people of The Gambia. I count it a great honour and privilege to be here in AkwaIbom State, Nigeria and to make a few remarks by way of a goodwill message at this highly distinguished Induction/Investiture ceremony of Institute of Information Management.

Ladies and Gentleman,

We meet here today on the cusp of an exciting moment in Nigeria, a democratic country rich in Energy and Petroleum, Tourism & Culture, Communication, Forestry, Transport, Custom, Trade, Sports, etc. Our common objective is to try as much as possible ensure that Institute of Information Management have a greater  information and records management in Banjul and the whole of The Gambia to further strengthen the cooperation and integration between the two countries.

A mere glance at the daily headlines is enough to recognize the criticality of this period. Encouragingly, some information management activities, records management and archiving restructuring programs have progressed tremendously in Nigeria and our respected President/Chairman, Amb. (Dr.) Oyedokun Ayodeji Oyewole is assuming great leadership of one of the difficult but significant sector of the economy and I am sure you join with me in wishing him fortitude and wisdom as he guides the Institute.

Often times I sit back and watch Nigeria on international scenes and I see more good than the bad!!

I see people that are in love, hospitable and apart being in challenging economic environment they still cope with it, the best way they can!

I never heard or seen any of these people moan or complain about how hard the country is, rather I see millions of people who strategically work their daily living towards sustainability. It’s really unbelievable!

I see lovely and sensible initiatives tailored towards the progress of small and medium scale enterprises. I don’t think that’s an easy job but you can bet that it is one that requires extreme dedication.

I see compassionate Nigerians who just go that one mile more towards achieving success.

I also see posts from people about crises and deaths in some part of the country and I am heartbroken about it.

Then I see a host of people that loves enjoyment (food and music).... Nothing further to say on that!!

I see tolerance and I see patience amidst the climate of fear, poverty, lies/sob stories, hassles not just from Nigerians but from Gambians too, if you get out of the tourist areas you too will see what I mean!!

The Government of The Gambia at all times welcome investments, companies or representatives, seeking to invest with a core message of openness and transparency in all their dealings. The Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA) provide a one-stop-shop for investors and are responsible for attracting foreign direct investment. There are opportunities for investment in various sectors of the economy including renewable energy such as solar power, energy (solar, wind, biomass, and hydro energy), agriculture, forestry, skills development, fisheries, manufacturing, tourism, minerals exploration and exploitation, and other services.