Good Mr. President

Monday, April 01, 2019

Welcome Mr. President to yet another edition of Good Morning Mr. President.

Mr. President, last week you appointed two ministers; Dr. A. L. Samateh as minister of Health and Mrs. Amie Fabureh as minister of Agriculture who are believed to be technocrats and experts in their fields. This is very much welcome and encouraging.  We believe that having the right people in the right place especially when it comes to the appointment of ministers and top civil servants will assist you more in your strive towards achieving your National Development Plan.

Mr. President, after you parted ways with your political ‘godfather’ and two senior members of UDP, a lot of rumours and speculations circulated around the country that you are making way to form your own political party. Others are asking which party you would belong to if you were to seek for re-election.

With the existence of both the Barrow Youth Movement and Barrow Fans Club, one will expect that sooner or later, you will form your own party or join an existing party in order to contest in the next presidential elections.

Mr. President, the political atmosphere of the country is presently very fierce and dusty with lots of sycophants following you for their own selfish interests.

You have to be very careful with those people who will spread untrue stories against other people just to get closer to you. Always remember that in politics there are no friends but interests.

Mr. President, the rainy season is fast approaching; approximately two and a half months to go, but the state of most of our roads are in very bad form and need re-construction and rehabilitation. Major roads like the Tabokoto-Westfield- Banjul and the Latrikunda Sabiji-Sukuta-Coastal Road all need to be properly rehabilitated and expanded respectively.

Mr. President, recent court orders from the Sherriff sales to evacuate and demolish houses of people who have occupied a certain areas for about 15 to 20 years is worrisome. The week before last, about 50 compounds in Farato were demolished and also last week, another 100 compounds were informed that they would be demolished too.

Mr. President, is the number of families rendered homeless considered? What other options are offered to these victims who have spent their entire finances to put up those structures and have been there for more than 15 years? Where were these land owners when these families were settling there for the past 15 years and over?

Finally Mr. President, why now? Why now all these land disputes? Act now before it’s too late. A word for a wise is quite sufficient.

Good day!