GOOD MORNING MR. PRESIDENT: Unbelievable startling revelations by TRRC witness

Monday, July 29, 2019

Last week has been a very sad and scary one in the country. It is our view that such scenarios should be avoided in all possible ways in the future.

The unbelievable startling revelations by TRRC witness: hit squad of former dictator Jammeh, called the ‘junglers’, is still a nightmare to all Gambians. Most of us were caught by surprise that all these human rights violations happened in the smiling coast of Africa.

Mr. President, the alarming revelations by the junglers should not be taken lightly as nobody imagined that these killings, through butchering, point blank shots to the heads and suffocation, all happened in this our peaceful country.

Government should appeal to the entire world especially the US, the EU and the AU to help bring ex-President Jammeh to face the full force of the law. This is necessary in order for justice to be granted to the victims and their families.

Mr. President, the demonstrations in Birkama, Bijilo and Sere Kunda last week were also alarming as protesters took to the streets, burning tyres and the house of the head of the Police Anti Crime Unit. They released some detainees as reported and some were busy stealing properties of innocent people.

It is time that things are put in the right place. The citizenry should know that every right goes with a responsibility and they should not take the law into their own hands. The government should also know that the constitution has given the citizenry the right to hold peaceful demonstrations and even provide security for them during protests.

The PIU should also know that they are here to serve and provide security for the citizenry and should be very tactful and professional in their dealings with the public. They should be trained very well especially on crisis and crowd management as we all wait for the report on the incident that was promised by the Interior Minister in his speech to the nation.

Mr. President, your government with the help of the civil societies, politicians and all other stakeholders should work together on organising a national dialogue and awareness programmes to let the people know what democracy is and their responsibilities in promoting the practise of democracy and the rule of law in our beloved country. We should all join hands together and work towards maintaining the peace and stability of our dear nation that we have known in the past.

The Gambia as a tourism destination should avoid frequent demonstrations which can discourage tourists who have already booked their tickets to come to The Gambia for holidays.

Mr. President, with the way things have started unfolding, the planned December 2019 demonstrations for you to step down in respect of the three-year gentleman’s agreement the coalition members had for the transition; the members of the ‘3 Years Jotna’ should be engaged through dialogue.

December is a very interesting and festive month in The Gambia, with lots of people coming for holidays to spend the end of year with their families. The planned demonstration will discourage people from coming into the country during this time if nothing is done to stop it or be assured that it will be peaceful.

Good Day, Mr. President.