GOOD MORNING MR PRESIDENT:Tourist season, health

Monday, October 16, 2017

Everyone is happy that the tourist season is here and looking forward to a very successful season.

We commend the Ministry of Tourism and the team for touring hotels and other tourist sites to familiarise themselves with the situation at hand and have first-hand knowledge of the sector.  We hope that some of those places will be improved by upgrading them to standard facilities, so as to attract more tourists to the country, known among tourist destinations as the Smiling Coast of Africa.

Mr President, during the Minister of Tourism’s visit to the airport, a series of issues affecting the lives of passengers were highlighted.  We are confident that your ministry will look at these issues, as your priorities areas and work towards addressing them soonest.

In addition, Mr President, healthcare, as we all know, is very important as the saying goes “A healthy nation is a wealth nation.”  Just last week, The Gambia joined the rest of the world in celebrating International Day of Midwives and Breast Cancer Awareness. Of course, this was done out of the desire The Gambia has attached great importance to the cause of healthcare.

It is, therefore, important that you look into the significance of midwives in the communities, hospitals and health centres, as these health caregivers need to be well- equipped to adequately and effectively do their work.

Reports have shown that “premature and low birth-weight still remains high in The Gambia”.  The country is ranked 142 out of 263 countries for deaths, due to complications of premature birth.” 

This is a cause for concern, but we would like to commend Trust Bank Ltd for donating a cheque for D50, 000 to the Kangaroo Mother Care Unit, as part of their plan to give out half-a-million dalasis to health facilities in The Gambia.

 This is worth emulating by other companies and philanthropists, as the health sector in The Gambia needs serious attention.

In the same vein, Mr President, we are appealing to health caregivers to exercise patience with patients whenever they go to the hospitals for treatment.

Good Day Mr President.