GOOD MORNING MR PRESIDENT:Things are getting out of Hands

Monday, January 15, 2018

Mr. President as you are aware, the security of the country is at stake at the moment especially within the political arena. What happened in your birthplace Mamkamang Kunda in URR on the 8 January and Busumbala in West Coast Region on the 10 January should not be tolerated and necessary actions should be taken to avoid such from repeating.

Mr. President, This act of hooliganism should be stopped; as it has no room in the New Gambia. We strive for peace, unity and national reconciliation on political line and fight against tribalism and nepotism. The security of the country should not be compromised. APRC militants fighting with coalition militants anytime anywhere they come across each other should not be accepted. We should not be divided by politics, as we are all Gambians.  Gambia is known for peace and unity.  We should encourage divergent views from different political parties.

Mr. President, security measures should be put in place when political parties organise rallies or are going on tours to avoid fighting which mostly result into injuries, damages of cars when they are passing with their convoys.  Things are really getting out of hands and getting worst too but going by what your security adviser has said, that swift action will be taken and “the violent clashes between the APRC supporters and some youths in Busumbala will be expeditiously investigated and those found in breach of the law will be dealt with accordingly” is timely.

We commend the police force for suspending permit for political activities for the time being until the dust is settled. We appeal to them to put into consideration that the mayoral elections are at the corner and enough security will be needed for the rallies.

Mr. President, the act of daylight robbery, stabbing and other criminal acts should also be put to a halt at once. We once again call for your government to put up check points in strategic places in the country to help curb down criminalists in the country.

Mr. President, another issue that your government should address is the issue of transportation in the country. The Ministry of Transport should engage the transport union, the drivers and police in a dialogue to solve this problem once and for all. Commuters are now paying different fares for the same location which some claimed it’s because of the increment of fuel. In the same vein, the commuters pay twice or thrice fares to reach their destination.

The traffic police should also help to ease the traffic jam during morning and closing time when cars are packed up in a long queue taking too much time before reaching their destination.

Finally Mr. President, we are calling on your government to act fast in this pertinent issue, which is seriously affecting the population and business in general.


Good day