Monday, August 05, 2019

Last week had been very busy for you as you were trying to kill two birds with one stone – i.e., the historic visit of the Indian President to The Gambia that coincided with your visit to Mauritania to attend the inauguration of their democratically-elected President.

The visit of the Indian President Kovind was very significant as we have seen a lot of agreements being reached, promises being made and signing activities taken place.

Yes, this is what The Gambia needs at this difficult transitional period we are going through. But, it is also the responsibility of the ministers and authorities to follow up and make sure that these funds are put into the right place and used for the right purposes.

Mr. President, it has been a while since your government held Cabinet meetings. We deem it necessary for the Cabinet to meet in the wake of

very important matters arising in the affairs of the country.

The recent demonstrations in Birkama, Bijilo and Serekunda were so alarming that it was necessary for the Cabinet to meet and discuss the way forward.

The Cabinet should also meet to discuss how to do away with the government owing money… not only to media outlets but to other stakeholders too.

The Cabinet should meet to discuss on ways forward for the security forces. The security should be well-trained in crisis management and how to handle suspects in their custody as well as victims.

Mr. President, your Cabinet really needs to hold an emergency meeting and address all these issues.

Mr. President, the recent discovery of the 48 blocks of cocaine is a cause for concern as your government is doing everything possible to stop the trafficking and use of illicit drugs in the country.

The scanning machines at the sea port should be enhanced and upgraded as this latest incident showed lapses in their system. If the intercepted container can enter the country without being discovered, then something needs to be done to avoid a recurrence.

Mr. President, there are reports that the owners of the container have been granted bail. We believe that the public needs to be enlightened on what really happened.

Illicit drugs are illegal for a reason and such cases should not be taken lightly by your government. Let the owners be treated like cannabis suspects are being treated on daily basis, and be taken before the law: no specialty and no exception to the rule.

Finally, Mr. President, Tobaski is around the corner knocking, but the prices of sheep are so high for the average Gambian to afford it.

The security should also be vigilant as this is the time that the thieves would start stealing peoples’ rams. We are also appealing to the public not to take the law into their own hands in such situations. Rather, they should report any irregularities discovered in their communities.

Good day!