GOOD MORNING MR PRESIDENT: Thanking Allah for another peaceful election

Monday, April 16, 2018

Mr. President, we first thank the Almighty Allah for having witness another peaceful, free and fair election. Elections are a periodical events and The Gambia has demonstrated once more that it’s a peaceful country. Both IEC and the security should be commended and voters who came and show some sense of maturity. We therefore wish that this trend continues.

Mr. President, The Gambia is a peace loving country and we hope that the same peace and tranquility will be applied in the mayoral elections come May 12, 2018.

Mr. President, a total of 886,578 were registered but only 30 percent voted. The turnout was very low because the majority of the people do not know the importance of the Local Government elections.

Voters need to be sensitised thoroughly.

Mr. President, we do agree with you when you talked about the need to increase on our civic education, as you said the country unlike the previous administration; is in a democratic era and that your government would be very much particular about civic education.  According to you, your government “will create opportunities for Gambians to learn and be aware.” We call on you not to relent in this regard because you seemed not happy about the overall voter turnout in this election.

Mr. President, the IEC and National Council for Civic Education should redouble their efforts to sensentise people about the equal importance of the mayoral elections.

Mr. President to cut expenses and minimise the four days holidays of the local government elections for councillorship and mayoral; the two elections should have been combined as suggested by many voters.

Mr. President, it is demoralizing to understand that the prices of basic commodities particularly rice are significantly going up instead of going down after a significant tax break. Therefore, it would be relevant that your government takes an important step to make something realistic. Mr. President this is something that concerns the Gambian people and the only one who has the skills to act and arrest the situation is you.

Mr. President, your government should expand and improve the services of GPA for vessels to get easy access to dock. Vessels wait for several days because of long queues, this needs to be addressed.

Finally, Mr. President, since foreign companies are interested to expand the ports, therefore let your government waste no time to award the best bidder for the contract.

Good Day!