GOOD MORNING MR PRESIDENT: Women need to be empowered

Monday, December 11, 2017

Mr. President, The women of the country need to be empowered. Most women in the country are practising vegetable gardening as a major source of income but find it very difficult to sell their products due to the lack of proper selling place.

Women are seen roaming about with their baskets from one point to another, hiding and seeking with the police officers just to sell their produces whilst customers also find it difficult to do their shopping especially during the weekends. And these women are normally charged daily dues but yet they are driven around from one corner to another.

Mr. President, Some of the major market places in the country really need construction and rehabilitations. Markets like Serrekunda, Brikama and Latrikunda needs rehabilitation with proper installation, electrification and allocation of the stalls. Dumping areas should also be identified and properly managed in the market for proper hygiene and sanitation.

Mr. President, as the delivery of the budget speech draws nearer, Gambians are anticipating on hearing a very useful budget that will be of benefiting to all Gambians and in all very relevant areas.

The NAMS have been debating over the budget tabled by Finance minister on some of the budget allocations for the year 2018 budget estimates and we are hopeful that the best will be agreed on.

It is a good move to cut off certain unnecessary spending of the government but the areas of Health, Education, Agriculture, youth employment and sports should not be compromised as they are very tantamount to any developing country, which The Gambia is not an exception.

Mr. President, we have seen your government condemning the illegal migration of youth to Europe and the inhumane act of slavery taking place in Libya, and the efforts of your government in trying to bring back some migrants just like many countries are doing, but the big question still remains “What agenda does your government have in place for these returnees”?

Mr. President, the “EUTF-IOM” Joint Initiative on Migrant Protection and Reintegration Project which contributes to the strengthening of migration governance and sustainable reintegration of returning migrants to the country in means like educational courses, receive medical and psychological care, vocational training; establishing businesses etc. is not enough. It’s also good for your government to remember that most returnees were from the rural areas and any development should be decentralised to avoid rural-urban migration in the country. The returnees are also of different ages and not the same programmes will suit them all. 

Mr. President finally, it’s December, the month that a six megawatts generator was promised to be commissioned.

Good Day