GOOD MORNING: Mr. President, welcome again!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Mr. President, last week you received the report from the committee that was set up to look into the crisis that took place at the Social Security Housing and Finance Corporation between some of the staffs and the Management which resulted in the suspension of some staffs and the Managing Director Mr. Manjang also sent on leave.

This report should be treated with urgency so as to restore a peaceful working environment for the staff and Management of SSHFC. SSHFC is a very important office in the country as many workers depend on them especially after pension to get their retirement benefits.

Mr. President, this is the second report you received from different committees that you set up to probe certain incidents that happened in the country and to make recommendations.

You now have the reports of the findings and recommendations of the Farabanta incident and that of the Social Security Housing and Finance Corporation in your hands. The general public is anxiously waiting for you to implement the recommendations of those reports.

Mr. President, very soon the Janneh commission will also come to an end and its reports and recommendations will also be handed to you. It’s time you start acting to avoid accumulating reports on your desks and start implementing the recommendations. Because without implementation then setting up of these committees will soon be meaningless.

Mr. President, it’s high time that your government tackles the transport problem in the country. Workers and students find it very difficult to reach their destinations in the morning and evening.

Some months ago when the transport fares were reduced, drivers went on strike and started diverting the routes collecting 2 to 3 times fares for one destination. Now that the transport fare is returned back to the normalcy, the same if not the worst is happening.

Mr. President, your government has to start constructing and rehabilitating some feeder roads in the country as the Banjul-Tabokoto Highway is always congested and jammed during the morning and evening. There is need for your government to act fast and start rehabilitating these roads as we will soon be counting down to the hosting of the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC).

Good day