GOOD MORNING MR PRESIDENT !!! Urgent attention needed from Nawec!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

(Monday, 11 September 2017 Issue)
Mr President we would like to welcome you and all pilgrims from the holy land of Mecca and may Allah the Almighty answer all prayers.

Mr President, during your stay in Mecca, the country went through a very serious phenomenon of lack of water and electricity. Nawec is now becoming a very serious issue that needs urgent attention. Electricity and water supply is one of the main challenges of your government. There are also garbage management, environmental cleansing, and rehabilitation of roads and sewages systems in the country that you should address without wasting time.

Mr President, we remember you promised that before the end of the year, the electricity and the water will have great improvement and that three generators were expected in July, October and December and we are asking: “How far the promise”.

Currently, during night time, people cannot sleep with the heat but have to be fanning themselves coupled with mosquitoes biting throughout the night. When they wake up in the morning they cannot take bath to go on their usual business because of the lack of water too and this is very serious.

After the Tobaski celebration, many people threw out their meat because of the lack of electricity. Electricity and water play a great role in our daily lives and business. The sooner the better to solve this great phenomenon of scarcity of electricity which dates as far back as 23rd November 1977, when the machines blew off in Half die,  Banjul, the day we celebrated Tobaski, that time the company was called Gambia Utility Co-operation (GUC). Previous regimes used to order very old machines, which has cost the hardship we are facing today.

Since we are in the new Gambia and you restored democracy, rule of law, investors throughout the world are interested in coming to The Gambia, the only boost and encouragement is to make sure that the electricity and water supply is stable.

We are calling on the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum to engage all the necessary authorities and find an ending solution to this problem.  We welcome the move for the rural electrification in the rural areas with the co-operation of Senegal and Nawec. 

Mr President, the recent heavy rains and windstorm have wreaked serious havoc on our nation and has affected over 8000 people including 5 deaths, damage to public and private properties, internal displacement of several communities. Urgent and timely intervention from your government, the private sector, philanthropists, and the general public at large is needed to help those affected.

Mr President, we would like to commend the leader of the opposition party Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), Mamma Kandeh, for promising to clean the sewages in some parts of Banjul so that the water can flow without floods and for his laudable gesture of donating 250 bags of rice to floods victims. This is what is expected of politicians; when it’s time for national development, we all come together and join hands to work for the nation.

We also cannot conclude this piece without commending you for also donating 500 bags of rice and D50,000 for transport to flood victims, to especially affected people in Kuntaur.