GOOD MORNING MR. PRESIDENT: Tobaski is approaching

Monday, July 08, 2019

Mr. President, according to most calendars, August 10th 2019 will be Tobaski, which is barely one month to go.

Your Government should start working with the department of livestock and other authorities concerned to see that this year’s sales of rams, goats and cows are a success with affordable prices.

The Ministry of Trade should also meet with the stakeholders, officials of the municipalities, area councils, GRA, GPA, immigration and cattle dealers to discuss modalities for getting a successful trade for the expected ‘Tobaski.’

Mr. President, the municipalities and area councils should also revisit their daily tax on livestock.

Livestock dealers should also be given easy access to come to The Gambia with their animals without hindrance.

Transportation both by road and sea should be made easy for dealers to travel with their cattle.

Mr. President, the authorities should make sure that rams, goats and cows are affordable as we know their prices are pegged at CFA rate and CFA varies on daily basis due to its high demand.

Banks should also help salary earners with loan facilities to enable them buy cattle for their Tobaski.

Mr. President, media owners are appealing to government offices to settle their bills on time to enable them pay their staff on time.

Operating a media house is very expensive as printing materials prices are on the increase. Media houses depend solely on advertisements and daily sales of the paper. Delay in payment of debts automatically affects our production.

Finally, Mr. President with the start of the rainy season, many roads and markets especially in the KMC areas are in very bad conditions and its time that the National Road Authority intervenes to see how best they can help people especially drivers and commuters to meet the challenge.

Good day, Mr. President!