GOOD MORNING MR. PRESIDENT: The German government rescue

Monday, October 07, 2019

Mr. President, we would like to thank the German government for coming to rescue our perpetuating energy crisis, which can be traced from November 1977.

It is gratifying to hear that the German government has assisted the Gambia with 1.3 million Euros to stablise the energy sector. This will be of great help in stabilising the electricity crisis and also reduce the frequent black-outs in the Greater Banjul Area.

When electricity is normal, it will help a great deal in the business sector.

Mr. President, we welcome the Qatari delegation who were here recently to identify our priority needs which should include health, energy and good roads as well as ferries.

There is dire need for good ferries which you can seek for assistance from friendly countries.

Ferries play a key role in our economy as many people cannot travel with small boats.

Mr. President, since your plan to build a bridge between Banjul and Barra has not yet materialised, which is about 800 million us dollars cost, an urgent solution should be looked into solve the ferry problem.

Mr. President, it is not common in the region for security chiefs to go to the media to sensitise people about security matters, they have their spokespersons and even young staffs who can do that unless the country is in a state of emergency.

The security chiefs should stay in their offices and do their strategic plans but not to be appearing on TV which frightens people.

If there are serious issues to deal with, let their spokespersons do it or they issue press releases. We know communication is very important, but there is a better way to talk to the public.

Finally, Mr. President, the police should address the issue of closing traffic for long hours when your convoy is going out and back.

People’s times are wasted for hours and they have work and businesses to take care.

Good day!