GOOD MORNING MR PRESIDENT: Thanking Allah for another peaceful elections

Monday, May 14, 2018

Mr. President, we thank Allah for having had another peaceful elections countrywide for the Mayoral and Chairpersonship. Once again, we commend the IEC and the security for a job well done. The voter turnout was low as usual and people should be sensitised by the media for their civic rights in local languages since majority of the people are illiterates.

 Mr. President, it’s time for your government to combine the elections as it was before during the First Republic, for example, Presidential and National Assembly to be held the same day. Councillorship, Mayoral and Chairperson be held on the same day. This will help minimise the cost and increase voter turnout. We should commend the 38 candidates who vied for the Mayoral and Chairpersonship elections especially the three women: Rohey Lowe, first Gambian woman elected mayoress, Lizie Eunson and Ngui Secka who lost. We should not be divided by politics.

Mr. President, thank you for promoting democracy and rule of law after 22 years of oppression. Gambians have realised the difference; all political parties including the opposition are having access to the state media; this was not the case before. We should not abuse this new democracy by castigating and insulting people. In democracy, people are free to speak their minds and support their leaders with respect.

Now many countries envy The Gambia through your leadership by promoting democracy and press freedom. We should embark work for the development of our beloved nation specially the capital city which needs good roads to allow traffic congestion and good drainage system. Every capital city or town in The Gambia should be twined with developed cities across the world. We as Gambians, should not entertain tribalism or division in religion, it was good for government to accord television licence to Ahmadiya since we are a secular state and for the interest of press freedom and democracy.

Mr. President, receiving the U-20 Football

National Team – the WAFU champions was a big boost for the boys. They need your government’s support to materialise their dreams. Whatever you can do for sports development with the private sector will enhance their success. The Ministry of Youth and Sports should work amicably with the football federation for the interest of sport rather than fighting to derail the game.

Finally Mr. President, happy Ramadan to you and to all the Muslims. The Ministry of Trade should task the business community not to increase the basic commodities and also for NAWEC to improve its service.

Good day!