GOOD MORNING MR PRESIDENT: Thank you for your message of unity

Monday, February 26, 2018

Mr. President, Feb. 18, this year, The Gambia observed its 53rd years of nationhood after it gained independence from Britain in 1965. This year’s celebration was an enthusiastic moment for Gambians as the country’s first President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara graced the occasion.

Mr. President during your independence message to the nation, you called on Gambians to nurture the spirit of unity and build the New Gambia. You added by saying that “we can only impact positive change in our institutions and society if we realise that the ultimate responsibility to bring effective systems in place lies with all of us, state and non-state actors. We all have specific responsibilities that we cannot neglect.” So thank you for your message of unity.

Mr. President, your government should act urgently on the recommended issue by the ECOWAS court on media reforms in the country. The court recommended that your government act to repeal the laws that are impeding against press freedom. The media will never be free if these laws still remain in our constitution.

Mr. President, the internal security of the country also requires boosting to avert armed robbery, shop-breaking and unwanted killings. Two weeks ago, a dead body was found in Kotu and the circumstances surrounding that death was not established. Last week, four unidentified men attacked a butcher and robbed him off some money.

Mr. President, it would be of paramount importance to strengthen community policing to help boost our internal security. This would require an adaptation of more transparent model for the organisation of community programmes that involve neighbourhood businesses, media outlets, and other community groups directly in the process of keeping their communities safe.

Mr. President, the relationship between the community and the security must be cordial in order for the community policing to be effective. It’s the job of the president and his securities to make sure that the citizens are saved and we hope that the security would be boosted to help dent all these heinous crimes we face in our communities.

Mr. President, our biodiversity is one of the most valuable assets this country could be proud of. But it looks like the people of this country do not care about the future generation by unnecessarily cutting down of all trees.

Mr. President, your name will go down in our history books as president, and if this injustice against our new generation is addressed by protecting our environment, we will never be forgiven by our unborn children.

Mr. President, since climate change is a compelling global issue, it’s the job of your administration to making sure that our environment is highly protected particularly the trees.

 Mr. President, we need your government to do more to protect our environment so that the future generation can sing your name with praises.

Good Day Mr. President!