GOOD MORNING MR PRESIDENT: Security is the life blood of any nation

Monday, April 09, 2018

Mr. President, the security of the country still remains at stake. The security personnel of the country need to redouble their efforts. The check points should be strengthened and equipped. Security personnel specially the police patrolling the night should be armed to be able to apprehend armed criminals as most criminals are armed nowadays. Community policing should be encouraged so that the people can be reporting any suspects or crimes around their vicinity.

The Police should also introduce emergency numbers where people can call and report any emergency around their community.

Mr. President, last week, there were reports of two people arrested for being in possession of guns; one civilian arrested at Djembe Hotel and a navy personnel arrested at Denton Bridge. This calls for alarm as anyone in possession of gun in the country should have a licence for it and give reason of having it or faces the law.

Mr. President, there are also reports of MFDC rebels be sheltered some villages in the country. The security should be vigilant and warn against anyone found harbouring these rebels in the country. Elders of these suspected villages should be engaged in dialogue to discourage them from such practices. Video surveillance cameras should also be introduced in the security sector to help security personnel with their work.

Mr. President, due to the increase rate of crimes in the country nowadays, your government should redouble its efforts to once and for all solve this national ID cards and passports issues with Semlex. This should be done as quickly as possible or else the immigration department should be very vigilant with the people entering and leaving the country. Foreigners residing in The Gambia should regularise their status like all Gambians.

Mr. President, your government vowed to uphold and promote democracy and rule of law when you came into power but we have noticed that journalists and even family members of suspects are not allowed to attend the ongoing Court Martial sittings with reason(s) best known to your government. We think that the journalists should be allowed to cover the proceedings for transparency and democracy sake.

Mr President, the World Bank and Global partnership assistance on education is highly welcomed as education is a key factor to national development.The programme will support 400,000 children with a grant totalling to 35 million U.S. dollars. It will support school aged children’s access to early childhood development basic education and Manjalis Koranic Centres. This money should be used wisely and for its purpose.

Finally Mr. President, the Local Government election is scheduled to take place on Thursday April 12, with 407 candidates contesting 118 wards throughout the country with 886,578 registered voters. We expect that the elections should be conducted freely and fairly.

Let’s pray in all mosques and churches for the peace and tranquility of the country.        

Good Day