GOOD MORNING MR. PRESIDENT our country’s securiaty forces

Monday, July 01, 2019

Mr. President, our country’s security forces should double up their efforts to curb criminality in the country.

Recently, an alleged kidnapping of a school girl was reported in the social media. Such kinds of things should not be happening in The Gambia.

Mr. President, the police should be better equipped to enable them deliver on all necessary duties society requires of them, and to help crackdown on criminals.

Special emergency telephone numbers called hotlines, should be operational for those in need of the Police to make free calls, especially when there is crime occurring or about to occur. These become even useful in investigations into crimes.

Parents should be extra vigilant and cooperative with the police by giving them tip-offs to facilitate their work.

Mr. President, in the same vein, to make sure that Gambia continues to nurture peace and stability, opinion leaders, religious and political leaders, activists and journalists should continue to preach peace. They should also educate people about good neighbourliness so that peace can continue to prevail in this country.

People should be law abiding and avoid trouble, which can destablise the country and our economy.

Mr. President, government should make sure that this tourist season will not be jeoperdised with unnecessary demonstrations or public protests.

The country’s interest is bigger than anyone of us and we should not anticipate trouble in this country. Such will not be of any interest to the nation.

Mr.President, Government should work with The Gambia Football Federation to see how best the Scorpions’ senior national team can qualify in the 2021 African Cup of Nations – at least for the first time. The Gambia is the only country in West Africa that has never qualified for this continental tourney.

The team needs good preparations and a lot of money with every stakeholders’ support inorder to qualify. Football is now a big business and without capital investment we cannot get positive results.

Sports in general, particularly football, can bring promotion, development, unity and stability for the country.

Two weeks before the Nations Cup in Egypt, the Gambia defeated Guinea Conakry 1-0, and also defeated Morocco 1-0 in friendly matches played in Morocco. This shows that Gambia is making progress in football but the Players need encouragement and support from government.

Finally Mr. President CRC needs to speed up their work so that the constitution can be amended as soon as possible to repeal some bad laws and bills in it.

Good day Mr. President.