Monday, August 28, 2017

We want to commend the government and the Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure for the fares reduction in the country due to the decrease in domestic retail price of fuel.

We however would like to urge the Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure to also consider the bad roads in the country and come up with projects of improving the roads and proper sewage systems.

The Banjul/Tabokoto highway is very difficult to ply when and after a downpour of rain. The transport ministry should work with the Ministry of Lands and Regional Government in the proposed issue of mapping strategy for numbering streets and houses for the whole country.

Mr President, the ministry of Justice is also commended for setting the ball rolling on the commission of enquiry on Jammeh’s assets and the TRR.  The Independent Electoral Commission in collaboration with the authorities should also look into the electoral reforms.

Mr President, the dalasi is seriously depreciating which is having serious impact on business in the country. The prices are goods in the country are shooting due to the depreciation of the Gambian dalasi. The ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of The Gambia should engage in dialogue with foreign exchange dealers to take remedial actions in solving the exchange rate challenge and price escalation.

Mr President it is barely a week to the Tobaski period, and your government should put in place measures to prevent the hiking of prices in the country, especially on rams and domestic commodities. 

Proper places should also be identified for the selling and buying of rams to avoid rams loitering everywhere in the country. The security too should be alert because this is the period thieves are more active and rampant. The security should be deployed in all areas where there are crowds.