GOOD MORNING MR PRESIDENT !!! - As schools are opening, there are issues that need to be addressed in the education sector

Monday, September 18, 2017

The education ministry should try and conduct a tour to all the schools in the county so as to familiarise themselves with the situation and to assess some of the facilities in schools.  This is important because some schools really need attention and improvement.

The curricula of the schools should also be revised and make sure that they are followed and well-taught.

Salaries of teachers should also be revisited. Teachers should be among the highly paid civil servants in the country because of the services they render to the Gambian populace.

Mr. President, the University of The Gambia, as the highest learning institute in The Gambia, should be given great consideration.  During dictator Jammeh’s reign, we have seen the students of the university embarking on various strikes, due to poor facilities in the campus.

The lack of enough chairs, internet facilities, proper toilet facilities, etc. should be addressed as they are contributing factors to the aforementioned problems affecting the lives of students and their course of studies.

These and other inimical problems make studies in the university very hard and difficult, to say the least.

We have also learnt that the School of Medicine is not having proper classes, due to the lack of lecturers.  Most of the lecturers, who are said to have left during the political impasse, are yet to return due to the lack of flight which should be paid by the government.

Mr. President, the School of Medicine is very important as we are fighting with our poor state of health facilities in the country.  Therefore, the education of young doctors should be a priority.

Mr. President, another factor affecting the university is that it has no chancellor. Since the departure of dictator Jammeh, who was also the chancellor of the university, the UTG is without one which is causing the university to hold on with their graduation ceremonies and giving awards to students. 

Mr. President, we have seen some countries giving out scholarships to students to further their education in their countries, which must be emulated and encouraged here and elsewhere.

Reports have it that scholarships from various institutions, like Ministry of Higher Education, has been stopped by the government, a situation which has affected the intake of students in this year’s school semester.

Mr. President as the saying goes “Education is the key to success,” we need to educate the masses, if we want to be a very successful nation.

Mr. President, let your government invest in education, and let them give out more scholarships.

Good day.