Monday, March 25, 2019

Mr. President, how are you this Monday morning? Hope you are getting along very well. We wish you a very pleasant week ahead.

Mr. President, we still want to remind you of the problems of land disputes in the country and the need for urgent solutions to end this phenomenon which still remains a challenge to your government.

So far five lives have been lost on the issue of communal disputes which is posing a big threat to the security of the country. 

Last year, four lives were lost in Faraba as a result of sand mining issues between the community of Faraba Banta and Julakay who claimed to have a licence to conduct mining activities in that community; and one life has also been lost in the recent Gunjur-Berending clashes.

There are rumours of more land issues to emerge if measures are not taken, which the authorities should waste no time intervening before it’s too late.

Mr. President, another health hazardous issue is the Bakoteh Dumping Site, which is becoming a big concern for residents staying around that end.

Your government should not waste time in finding a lasting solution to relocate the dumping site as it is causing a serious health threat for the residents, the children at the SOS Children’s Village,  the SOS clinic and school.

When moved, even the space can be used for government’s development projects than leaving the land to waste and also posing a threat to people’s lives as the dumping site has started disturbing residents outside the Bakoteh area.

Mr. President, after your cabinet reshuffle last week, about two positions are still vacant which need to be filled.

Our advice is for you to fill in those positions with qualified and experienced Gambians based on merit and not politics.

Finally Mr. President, the security of the country shouldn’t be compromised and it seems like the local rifles are now being used for wrong purposes instead of their rightful purposes.

We are calling on your government and authorities involved to work in getting all local rifles licenced and those communities who are not into hunting; some parts of the Kombos and greater Banjul area residents must not possess them.

 Good day!