Monday, March 04, 2019

Mr. President, the deportation of Gambians last week from Germany raised a lot of concerns as the number of deportees keeps increasing.

Many Gambians are pointing fingers at your government for cooperating with the authorities of these deporting countries for Gambians to be deported.

Although the EU Gambia ambassador and head of the European mission in The Gambia Atilas Lajo has acknowledged that thousands of migrants who are living on European shores illegally are on the verge of being deported because they did not regularise their status, this doesn’t convince the population. It is time that your government addresses this issue and clearly explains how things are unfolding about this mass deportation.

Mr. President, the percentage of contributions made towards the economy through remittances by Gambians living abroad is colossal and their deportation will contribute immensely to the fall of our economy in that area.

The playing ground should also be leveled as to where and what and these deportees will be engaged in when they arrive. Leaving them to be jobless and roaming about will hamper the peace and security of the country and can also increase the crime rate in the country. The unemployment rate will also go high.

Mr. President, the TRRC sittings shocked the Gambian populace with startling revelations by Alhagie Kanyi and the interference of some people to undermine the work and progress of the TRRC.

The arrest of Yankuba Touray, one of the junta members who was trying to undermine the work of the TRRC is a very good example as many of the suspected perpetrators are still working in your government.

Finally Mr. President, It is time that your government starts considering what to do with those who took part in the torture and killing of people during the Jammeh regime who are still working in your government.

If leaving them to be moving and working peacefully in the country would be a threat and interference with the progress of the TRRC, then something needs to be done before it’s too late.

Good day!