Monday, February 25, 2019

Mr. President, last week was a very busy week for you. After the independence celebration, you also received your Sierra Leonean counterpart, President Julius Maada Bio and his wife on his first visit to The Gambia since he came to power.

Before its war, Sierra Leone has been the business home of many businessmen from The Gambia and also a very condusive place for many to further their education as many Gambians were fortune to further their education there. We hope that all these areas will be exploited again and more colaterals built on these aspects and many other areas.

Mr. President, the issue of tribe and caste fighting in the country is still a challenge to your government as there are still reported cases of caste issues especially in the Upper River Division particularly within the Sarahuli tribe.

Your government should appoint a peace committee that comprise of religious leaders and village elders to visit these villages and find an everlasting solution to this problem.

Mr. President, the outbreak of fire incidences in the country is a call for concern. It’s sad that most of these fire outbreaks lead to a complete loss of properties and household materials leaving compound owners and families homeless.

A solution needs to be found as many are blaming Nawec for erratic nature of electricity. Many are also blaming the poor services of The Gambia Fire and Rescue Services for responding late and coming with no enough waters.

Mr. President, your government and authorities responsible should work on putting in place emergency response policies in all areas of work that everyone should respect and work with. Your government should also assist the fire and rescue department with better fire rescue ambulances that have bigger tanks and that can carry a large amount of water and other fire rescue equipment. Their hydrants should also be located at very accessible locations to make it easy for them to access water during fire outbreaks.

 Mr. President, the price of cement and many food commodities in the country is unbearable. The Ministry of Trade and dealers should work closely to make sure cement is always available and affordable for consumers.

The tax should be reduced to encourage all importers to sell it at reasonable, affordable prices. We should avoid scarcity which can hamper building projects in the near future

 Finally Mr. President, the TRRC is ongoing with more shocking revelations and testimonies been heard. It’s important that the TRRC works with some departments and areas that should be inspected for fact finding and evidence to be preserved till the TRRC completes its mandate to avoid tampering with evidences. They should be left in its original state than being renovated before inspection.

Good day!